More HIGHLIGHTS from the amazing bird rescue after hurricane Katrina.

911 Parrot Alert with 65 volunteers rescued over 300 birds and returned
most of them to their owners.

David Ybarra does the new Bird Talk Radio jingle acapella live on air!

Donna and Neil talk about the flooding after hurricane Katrina. How even weeks after the storm
some people had to leave in a hurry due to sudden flooding. Leaving their feathered loved ones

Donna Powell:
'there were thousands of people that came to help people who were flooded out'.
'I am a registered nurse'. 'I knew many would come to help the people'.
'Animals don't have a voice in this world'. 'I decided to help the birds'.
'There were 65 people that came to help us with the birds'.

People donated generously to help 911 Parrot Alert take care of over
300 rescued birds. Donna Powell says they had paper towels and trash bags
for the next ten years after the rescue.

Donna Powell said that when they returned birds to their owners often the
birds went back to the owners in a better cage with food, toys etc from
the supply of donations.

'The response from the avian community was good'.

Donna Powell shares how she became a bird person.

Donna also shares more about the lost and found bird organization.
Over 100,000 birds found.


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