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Laurella Desborough-Champion For Parrots

Laurella Desborough-Champion For Parrots

January 27, 2020

Laurella Desborough has spent her entire life raising Eclectus parrots. Her species of choice. She has also spent much of her life working for parrot legislation. 

Current Legislative Chariman-Organization of Professional Aviculturists

During this conversation with Laurella Desborough there is another call for bird rescues to work with bird breeders to save parrot species from extinction. 

Laurella begins this show with details about keeping Eclectus parrots.


Tony Silva-State Of The Ark part 3

Tony Silva-State Of The Ark part 3

January 24, 2020

During this final episode of State Of The Ark with Tony Silva we discussed the following:

Beak and feather disease in the wild, psittacosis, bird rescue liabilities.

How stressing pet birds releases virus that is dormant in the bird like psittacosis.

Stimulating birds to be hormonal, sexually active.

Orgs in the USA largest contributors to aviculture. Aviculture is not dead.

Another call during this show for breeders and rescues to work together to save species from extinction.

Birds cannot be imported to the USA. There is a need to continue breeding in the USA or there will eventually be no pet birds in the USA.

Tony talks about species that used to be abundant that are now almost gone or completely disappeared.

The Reality of aviculture and keeping pet birds.

Tony suggests that aviculturists see parrots in the wild. He also offered to help people arrange expeditions to areas where parrots originate from to study them in the wild.

Tony talks about what it is like to take a boat in the Amazon to study parrots in the wild. No luxuries.

Tony announced an avicultural convention in Spain in March 2020.

Tony shares about 28 years to publish his new book Psittaculture. to obtain a copy of the new book published in many languages.

Nobody really get rich in aviculture. It's about the bird love.

Large aviaries for breeding or rescue, sanctuaries are expensive.


Tony Silva-State Of The Ark part two

Tony Silva-State Of The Ark part two

January 19, 2020

During this conversation with Tony Silva he calls for bird rescues to work with bird breeders to save parrot species from extinction. 


Tony Silva-State Of The Ark-Origin & Future of Aviculture

Tony Silva-State Of The Ark-Origin & Future of Aviculture

January 13, 2020

Tony Silva world's most traveled aviculturist shares the origin and future of aviculture in the USA and abroad. 

Tony explains from his lifetime of experience traveling the world studying parrots in the wild the distinct problems facing parrots in the wild, habitat loss, disease, local parrot trade, food industry, species depletion, history of pet bird hobby and a special request by Tony Silva calling on bird rescues to work with breeders to save parrot species from extinction.

ENJOY part one of three parts in this series with Tony Silva-State Of The Ark streaming bird talk radio shows!



Michael Kiger-Sound Checks

Michael Kiger-Sound Checks

January 11, 2020

Michael Kiger talks about Tony Silva, Kansas City weather and the best people in aviculture during sound checks on Bird Talk LIVE Online.


Suzy Lutey-Wildlife Biologist

Suzy Lutey-Wildlife Biologist

December 31, 2019

Suzey Lutey wildlife biologist with US Fish & Wildlife shares her unique method helping new rescued birds become used to their new home. Nutritional recipe that helps cure pet birds of PTSD due to abuse, neglect and more. Suzey's nutritional plan also helps reduce plucking and promote feather growth and health.

Avian Author Jeanne Brannan-Zaksee Sanctuary

Avian Author Jeanne Brannan-Zaksee Sanctuary

December 30, 2019

Avian author Jeanne Weiser Brannan shares her experience with Zaksee Bird Sanctuary, Tampa Fl on Bird Talk Radio. Why she wrote one book about Zaksee Sanctuary and working on a second book!

Jeanne's experience is one of the most heart warming stories on Bird Talk Radio. Magic, founder of Zaksee Sanctuary call's in during the show and makes it even more heart warming.

Might want to have the Kleenex handy for this podcast :)

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary

November 14, 2019

ENJOY my conversation with Candice Tanner of Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary!

The people at Magnolia actually help people keep their birds if possible instead of giving them up to a shelter or sanctuary. For many reasons. Learn why some inherited birds are unwanted. 

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary are currently in need of foster homes in the Houston area.

Candice and I have a very informative heart warming conversation about caring for parrots and much more. 

This episode is the first 20 minutes of the show with Candice. There is much more of the bird love with Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary and Candice Tanner coming to our podcast network and streaming show network included with our weekly bird rescue and sanctuary bird talk radio shows.



Texas Natural Freeze Dried New Products!

Texas Natural Freeze Dried New Products!

November 9, 2019

Suzanne Ort shares new products from!

We talk about holistic pet bird care and feeding during these episodes. Find out how Prissy Ort came to be a member of the Ort family and much more during this very informative heart warming episode!

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Juli Ann Sands-Circle Of Life Avian Collar

Juli Ann Sands-Circle Of Life Avian Collar

October 12, 2019

PART ONE Second Segment

ANOTHER heart warming bird love conversation with Juli Ann Sands producer of A Parrot Experience and proprietor of Circle Of Life Avian Collar. 

In this segment we talk about:

A Parrot Experience, nutrition that helps reduce and cure plucking, sprouting foods, chop foods and more!

ENJOY more of the bird love with Juli Ann Sands on Bird Talk LIVE Online pre-recorded LIVE Bird Talk Radio shows!