July 29, 2020 Holistic Pet Bird With Leslie Moran Premier

Bird Talk LIVE Online continued our educational Bird Talk Radio shows May6th 2019 LIVE on air at 4pm Pacific time with Leslie Moran avian author, columnist for Parrot Magazine; www.parrotmag.com. Leslie is a distributor of holistic pet bird foods and promoter of holistic health care for pet birds.

During my conversation with Leslie Moran today Leslie discussed issues with sprouting bird foods providing tips about how to successfully sprout foods for pet birds. I learned that water quality is very important when sprouting pet bird foods. The importance of using a water filter if using city water to sprout bird foods.

Leslie also said that bottled spring water is good for sprouting foods however we should learn about the mineral content of the bottled water being used. Leslie also mentioned that we should not use a microwave to heat sprout foods.

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Enjoy Leslie Moran's educational blog about holistic health care for pet birds, how free radicals affect pet bird health, how diet can reverse and even cure illness in pet birds, effects of malnutrition, benefits of sprouting bird foods, pet bird behavior and healing from her website bestbirdfoodever.com.

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