During this highly educational segment of Bird Talk LIVE Online Ginger Duplisse of Ginger's Parrot Rescue shared tons of aviculture experience benefiting aviculturists and people thinking about having a pet bird world wide.

Ginger is an AFA certified aviculturists and a graduate of Susan Friedman's behavior training.

We talked about:

Positive Reinforcement Training basic methods and methods Ginger has developed of her own. Using words instead of a clicker to train birds.

Making bird training interesting so the bird is motivated and challenged.

All actions with birds are a type of training whether positive or negative.

Dealing with aggressive behavior successfully.

Gender issues, my bird doesn't like men, or my bird doesn't like women. Birds are wild animals, not domesticated like dogs and cats.

Senegal parrot issues specific to Senegals. They defend their tree in the wild to the death. In captivity Senegals choose who they like. Ginger recommends over-socializing young Senegals.

Ginger's training process includes taking the birds food and water out of their cage at night. Listen and find out why.

Senegals talk well like African Greys however most parrots don't talk. Listen and find out how you might have the better chance of having a talking parrot.

Wing trimming. Ginger's birds are fully flighted except birds that came to the rescue unable to fly.

Find out what fledging is and why it is important.

Teach your bird to fly with perch training. Teaching birds to fly is one way of helping birds to be more
like birds than pets.

Helping our birds be more of a bird than a pet.

Treat based training, right time of day to train birds.






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