During this segment with Candice Tanner of Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary we learn why Baby Boomers are surrendering birds to sanctuaries instead of leaving them in their wills.

Enjoy the history of Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary, how and why it was founded plus how they try to help people keep their pet birds instead of surrendering them.

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary socialize, rehab and train birds to be 
adoptable so they don't get sold over and over going from home to home.



More Episodes

Bird Talk Radio Fall 2021

September 6, 2021

In this very interesting segment with Candice Tanner of Magnolia Bird Sanctuary we learn that Magnolia actually try to help people wishing to surrender their bird to keep their bird!

Simple solutions to some frustrating issues on Bird Talk Radio podcast shows.


Bird Talk Radio This Year! 2021 Highlights

July 20, 2021

Still streaming the bird love almost seven years!

Mike Kiger host: Bird Talk LIVE Online will be LIVE on air again this Spring, Summer and Fall sharing the love of pet birds world wide. 

Bird Talk Radio is the world leader aviculture talk radio.

JOIN US LIVE on air with returning professional aviculturists and new guest speakers on Bird Talk LIVE online this year.

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Bits & Pieces Steve Martin Natural Encounters

March 18, 2021

During this segment Steve Martin discusses biting behavior, hormonal relevance to biting behavior, myths about biting & aggression, focus on positive reinforcement, body language, free flying birds and Natural Encounters Tech Talks Animal Behavior forums.

Enjoy this segment of Bits & Pieces Bird Talk Radio portions of live bird talk radio shows we selected for the benefit of our listening audience world wide.

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August 10, 2020

Tony Silva well known aviculturist and former curator at Loro Parque shares extensive knowledge and experience of controlling aggression. Find out why wet foods trigger breeding urges. Controlling aggession by removing breeding areas. Why you should not stroke your Parrot's tail and more!

Tony Silva on Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tony%20silva

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Circle Of Life Avian Collar-Juli Ann Sands

August 8, 2020

Juli Ann Sands produces a pet product that deters birds from plucking their feathers and picking at wounds. 

During this segment Juli describes how she acquired the business, specific uses for the avian collars she tailors for each of her bird clients, why birds pluck and more.

ENJOY this educational heart warming pre-recorded LIVE episode from Bird Talk LIVE Online!

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August 4, 2020

Tony Silva well known aviculturist and former curator at Loro Parque shares extensive knowledge and experience about Parrots diet. Find out why Tony does not feed fruit to Parrots. How Parrots detoxify their digestive system. How Parrots contribute to forest growth and plenty of great information about foods and feeding.

Tony Silva on Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tony%20silva

Enjoy also bird talk radio streaming shows: http://birdtalkradio.airtime.pro


Tony Silva-State Of The Ark-Origin & Future of Aviculture

August 2, 2020

Tony Silva world's most traveled aviculturist shares the origin and future of aviculture in the USA and abroad. 

Tony explains from his lifetime of experience traveling the world studying parrots in the wild the distinct problems facing parrots in the wild, habitat loss, disease, local parrot trade, food industry, species depletion, history of pet bird hobby and a special request by Tony Silva calling on bird rescues to work with breeders to save parrot species from extinction.

ENJOY part one of three parts in this series with Tony Silva-State Of The Ark



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Michael Kiger-Sound Checks-Celebrating Five Years Broadcasting

July 31, 2020

Michael Kiger talks about Tony Silva, Kansas City weather and the best people in aviculture during sound checks on Bird Talk LIVE Online.





Texas Natural Freeze Dried Products — Part Two

July 30, 2020

Enjoy part two of the interview with Suzanne Ort of Texas Natural Freeze Dried Products!



Steve Martin President Natural Encounters part three

July 30, 2020

During part three of the discussion with Steve Martin, President Natural Encounters; Animal Behavior Consultant we learned that parrot behavior in captivity is not associated with parrot behavior in the wild. Hormones influence behavior but do not determine behavior. 'Force Free' training is not 100% force free. There are behavior myths. Redirected aggression is often confused with other behavior 'labels'. Interacting with your bird shapes behavior. Adjusting antecedents. Building trust with your parrot. Body language is the bird's voice. Positive Reinforcement-what it really is.

Steve also shared with the listening audience on Bird Talk LIVE Online from Kansas City that Natural Encounters have a parrot mentoring service so pet bird owners may learn how to train their bird with the behavior they always wanted. The service includes your mentor watching videos of you and your bird to determine how to proceed in adjusting behavior. 





Best Bird Food Ever-Leslie Moran

July 29, 2020

INTRODUCING Leslie Moran! Avian author, columnist with Parrots Magazine
(www.parrotmag.com), promoter of holistic health care for pet birds and
distributor of holistic sprouting bird foods. www.bestbirdfoodever.com.

During this pre-recorded LIVE Bird Talk Radio show Leslie discusses her
early aviculture career, column with Parrots Magazine, homeopathy and
holistic experience. How her blend of sprouting foods is formulated
according to World Health Org standards with certified organic ingredients and more!

Enjoy much more discussion on our streaming show Holistic Pet Bird Tues,Wed,Thurs
evenings and all day Saturday every week!

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Holistic Pet Bird With Leslie Moran Premier

July 29, 2020

Bird Talk LIVE Online continued our educational Bird Talk Radio shows May6th 2019 LIVE on air at 4pm Pacific time with Leslie Moran avian author, columnist for Parrot Magazine; www.parrotmag.com. Leslie is a distributor of holistic pet bird foods and promoter of holistic health care for pet birds.

During my conversation with Leslie Moran today Leslie discussed issues with sprouting bird foods providing tips about how to successfully sprout foods for pet birds. I learned that water quality is very important when sprouting pet bird foods. The importance of using a water filter if using city water to sprout bird foods.

Leslie also said that bottled spring water is good for sprouting foods however we should learn about the mineral content of the bottled water being used. Leslie also mentioned that we should not use a microwave to heat sprout foods.

Enjoy the entire conversation with Leslie Moran avian author, columnist for Parrots Magazine, promoter of holistic health care for pet birds and distributor of sprouting bird foods on our podcast shows and streaming Bird Talk Radio shows. Find the links to our very popular shows at birdtalkradio.com

Enjoy Leslie Moran's educational blog about holistic health care for pet birds, how free radicals affect pet bird health, how diet can reverse and even cure illness in pet birds, effects of malnutrition, benefits of sprouting bird foods, pet bird behavior and healing from her website bestbirdfoodever.com.

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Steve Martin President Natural Encounters part two

July 28, 2020

Steve Martin President, Natural Encounters Animal Behavior Consultant continues with valuable information from his life's work with all kinds of animals.

In part two of this discussion we learned talked about why people keep parrots alone, by themselves in a home when they are not living alone in the wild.

Find out why your parrot may feel safer in a noisy home. Difference between parent raised birds and hand raised birds. Free flying parrots. Why petting your bird may be a problem for your bird. Bonding myths and much more!





Steve Martin President Natural Encounters part one

July 25, 2020

Steve Martin is brilliant but more important, highly experienced with Parrots and many other animals. During part one of this discussion Steve shares about World Parrot Trust transparency and what World Parrot Trust are doing world-wide to save parrots. 

Find out why parrots communicate through biting. Why not everyone are well suited to have a parrot. Bird behavior is a reflection of a person's ability to work with a parrot. Giving your parrot a voice according to your parrot's body language. Trust based relationship with parrots. Birds' behavior is due to environment more than genetics. Why World Parrot Trust pays poachers and much more during this very informative, interesting bird talk radio show pre-recorded LIVE in Kansas City!